Our Cute Finders

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It was a quiet, beautiful morning on Saturday in Los Angeles, when I thought that the Book Festival wasn't going to make us make money. Well, I was wrong. We sold over 100 "Find the Cutes" books in 2 days!
However, it wasn't all about the money, although it is needed to support our cause. We had numerous excited reactions from parents, children, and individuals all weekend long! Our books have truly made a difference and made kids happy.
One little girl, for example, stared at it for a moment, not knowing what to think of it. When her mom showed her that this was a "search and find book," she took the book and HUGGED it. That's right, she embraced it with a huge smile and her eyes closed. Her mom asked if she wanted to spend her money here or keep looking around, but the girl was sold. She looked so happy it made my heart melt.
Another girl pulled out all her money, including dimes and pennies, to pay for a copy. Since the price was too high and she did what she could to get the last cent out of her wallet, my wife humored her and gave her a few dollars off. She made her day.
These cute, inspirational stories showed us that children LOVE the "Find the Cutes" series. We already have hundreds of fans. We hope to get these books into the hands of children across the globe!
If you know anyone who might be interested, refer them towww.findthecutes.com or let them look up the titles on Amazon.
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