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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Review of “From the Magical Mind of Mindy Munson”

I love the front cover! Great job on the illustration. Pretty good drawings in the rest of the book too, even though they’re small. Now, as for the story of the book...

The chapters are short. Perfect for reading one chapter per evening to your kid before they go to sleep. The main characters live in a haunted house. The dialogue in the book is great. There are some childlike conversations such as, “I’m a boy.... only girls use fans. I wouldn’t use that thing even if I was on the brink of death.” And then it mentions Jesse loves it because it’s got ninjas. Also, I am usually not a fan of changing the spelling of sentences to make it sound like an accent, but this is just cute, “Dere he goes. He can fwy.” I could totally see myself reading it too my kids like that. Great story. Fun to read.
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